Voice Over & In-House Artist

We have our own Voice Over Artist in-house with facility, so we can offer quick and quality recordings for any of the following: 

TV Commercials, Radio, Narration (TV and Documentary), Audio Book, Promos, Screencasts and Telephone Messages.

We can also offer the service of editing your Voice Reel and making sure it sounds the best it can be! 

Please check out our Artist and services below;

Artist Showcase: Shannon Walsh (Neutral British accent)

With experience in Commercials, Promos and Screencasts, Shannon is the calm, instructive or pleasant voice you want for your media. She is available for bookings now: contact Shannon HERE

Please listen to her Voice Reel on the right.

Rates: includes Recording and Editing.

250 words or less: £100 | 500 words: £180 | 1000 words: £250 | 2000 words: £350

Please check out our other services below;

Voice Reel Edit - Full edit of your recordings, composition, and master.


Record and Edit at D.E.A.F Audio - We will record your Voice Reel here, with full edit, composition and master.