Sound Design

From the roar of the T-Rex in Jurassic Park or hum of a Lightsaber, excellent Sound Design stays with us when we leave the cinema or switch off the TV. Sound Design can be for Film, TV, Documentary, Radio, Games and Phone Applications. Each one holds its own challenges and possibilities and we pride ourselves in taking on those challenges.

With a deep understanding in Sound, our expertise and imagination we can create fantastic Sound elements to complement the image on screen and make the audience fully believe what they are seeing

We offer numerous services for Sound Design from small to large. We can handle it!

Please check out what we can do for you below;

Custom Sound Effect Pack - A small amount of personalised sound effects custom made for you, and freedom of use within your media.

5 for £20

Full Sound Design - Complete Sound Design of your media for the likes of: Short Film, Animation, Documentary, Commercial, Creative Media, Games and Feature Film.

  • 10 minutes or less - £150
  • 10 - 20 minutes - £250
  • 20-60 minutes - £350
  • Feature Film & Documentary - Please Contact Us

Sound Effect Packs - Various Sound Effects Packs we have made for sale in our shop. Some free ones too...