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Sound Design

Question 3 - Short Film

This is D.E.A.F Audio's first project as Sound Designer on a short film. Question 3 is a short film made by graduates at MET Film School in 2016.

Sound Design, Sound Editing and Final Mix


Santa's Gearing Up For Christmas! - Short Film

 This was a little short film we did along with the Winter Wonderland Manchester Promo. Created as a fun video for the build up to Christmas! 

Foley and Sound Design

Sound Editing


Riverside Student Accommodation

Promotional Video for Riverside Student Accommodation in Manchester created by Walsh Films for Portergate Property Management.

Location Sound, Dialogue Editing and Final Mix

Winter Wonderland Manchester

Walsh Films created Winter Wonderland Manchester’s latest Promo for the 4th year running and we’ve had the pleasure to mix it each year. Videography and Editing by Walsh Films.

Location Sound, Dialogue Editing and Final Mix


Audio can create the illusion of something that wasn’t there during filming, and filmmakers can even completely manipulate it after filming: for example, one could completely change words in post-production, changing the meaning of the dialogue.

This is where ADR comes in – Additional Dialogue Recording. This is the process of re-recording dialogue to change or replace what wasn’t properly captured on the set. This can be because of background noise or because the director or actor wants to try a different way to deliver a line. Most productions use some amount of ADR.

Full ADR facility for supervision, recording and editing with space for Single or Group sessions.


Foley is a secret art. Without Foley, a film sounds empty and hollow – They include sounds such as footsteps, clothes rustling, crockery clinking, paper folding, doors opening and slamming, punches hitting or glass breaking. But Foley isn’t always for Film or TV, it can add that extra realism to your documentary where footage alone can’t tell the story you want.

With a large variety of props and surfaces at hand we can deliver the very best Foley for your project.

Voice Over Artist

Complete in-house Voice Over Artist and Facility. Available for Commercials, Audio Books, Narration, Screencast, Telephone Messages...

A calm, neutral, female British accent. 

Voice Reel 2018

Please listen to Shannon's Voice Reel for what she can offer to your video! 

Edited at D.E.A.F Audio

Winter Wonderland Promo

This is the promotional video for Winter Wonderland Manchester. Previewed online and in the Trafford Centre! 

Voice Over recorded and edited at D.E.A.F Audio